15th October, 2008
Space Chronicles Universe announcement
Next year in October will be the release of my first comic book, Space Chronicles Universe, issue #1 will introduce you to the Valkyrie Team and the start of an on going series. Can't give out too much details yet as I am still sorting out bits and pieces (publishers, retail etc).

7th July, 2008
Official Space Chronicles website music!
Original SC theme by Sam Hulick (Mass Effect Co-Composer) is now playing on the Home page and full theme on the Codex page.

16th April, 2008

Space Chronicles Universe has begun
SC Universe: Prologue is now available in DMC New Ground #9, you can buy it at this year's New Zealand Armageddon (Wellington).

Space Chronicles is a bold science fantasy epic set in the distant future. Follow Captain Eva and her crew, Zoe, Ardis and Kane as they explore the vast uncharted reaches of space. Marvel as they decipher some of the universe's darkest secrets and quake in fear as they do battle with its deadliest monsters.

Their mission is to search for a way to stop the ongoing threat of the mysterious dimension called “The Chaos Universe”.
Little is known about this violent and dangerous place, only that its dark presence looms ever closer. Time is short and danger ever present.

To learn more about Space Chronicles please visit the Codex section.

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