Space Chronicles Animated 2007 Trailer

On an uncharted planet lies a mysterious temple that holds a cosmic power that will destroy the universe. Not all is as it seems when Captain Eva reaches her goal.

Space Chronicles Animated is 2 minute diploma project created during the graduate year at Freelance Animation School 2007. It took 3 months to animate all 38 scenes, roughly 2 months for the clean up process, coloring and background designs.

Created, directed & animated
Tsai Lim

Voiceover artist
Lucy Wigmore

Head of clean up & background artist
Tsai Lim

Key clean up artist
Tsai Lim
Kestin Stewart
Daniel Zhang

Assistance clean up artist
Kimberly Sowter
Wibowo Sumardjo

Freelance Animation Tutors
Sharon Eccleshall
Joe Poole
Graham Thomas

Auckland Audio dialogue recording
Nigel Foster
Dragana Yelavich

"Home" song by volcker music

Sound FX and music
Shockwave Sound

Special Thanks
Jeremy Bishop
Chris Corboy
Cath Fournier
Alana Garmonsway
Amy Neave
Carrie Waldegrave
Brian White

Trailer and DVD cover

Tsai Lim
Music from Shockwave Sound

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