Many civilizations, advanced and otherwise have studied the universe. None have uncovered its true age or its true purpose. A widely-held belief is that our universe is a living entity, an organism still in its infancy. Most call it The Alpha Universe. Ancient texts have been recovered that once translated, tell of another universe, parallel to ours; one of great evil and darkness that the ancients called The Chaos Universe. Strange black holes have started to appear throughout the universe over a period of 1,000 years. They are feared to be gateways linked to The Chaos Universe and if they are not contained a new era of darkness and suffering will begin.

Between the 4 greatest civilizations in our universe an Alliance was formed. The Sumerians, Thalus, Veels and Cel'kats all banded together for a common goal of protecting and exploring the vastness of the uncharted universe.

Many agencies and organizations were formed, two new corresponding factions were created for exploration. The Valkyrie Academy is the first line of defence, a small team of rangers sent out to explore and chart the unknown regions of the universe. The Armada Prime, a large military fleet sent to patrol and assist the Valkyrie teams if they encounter any high-level threats. Finally peace and order is present in The Alpha Universe - but for how long - as the Chaos Universe looms ever closer.

6,000 years have passed since the destruction of planet Earth. The exodus from the hostile environment of space claimed billions of human lives. Through generations of genetic modification and selective breeding humans managed to survive, ready to explore space and to find a new home. However, the human race was still hunted by the mysterious and menacing force known as The Serus. The last surviving humans forced to hold their last stand on the planet Enid. Even with the aid of the Alliance, it was too late to save the human race from the Serus assault. Many brave Alliance fighters were lost in the battle.

Only one human survived.


General Arkgard
Admiral Vevrier

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Chaos Universe

Queen Celdena
General Sindri

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